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Report from iQA Using CT-SIM/Check

Site: Demo Site
Machine: CT SIM
User Data Entry Completed:2022-09-18 23:56:31
Imaged: 8/24/2022 8:30 AM
Overall Status:Passed
1.PassedHU Calibration (Cylinder Mean)18.12Image for CylinderMean  Trend
2.PassedHU Uniformity (Cylinder Standard Deviation)7.33Image for CylinderStdDev  Trend
3.PassedImage OrientationHFSImage for ScanOrient  Image for ScanOrient  Trend
4.PassedPlug 1 HU Mean-691.28Image for P1Mean  Trend
5.PassedPlug 2 HU Mean-487.62Image for P2Mean  Trend
6.PassedPlug 3 HU Mean-10.45Image for P3Mean  Trend
7.PassedPlug 4 HU Mean676.07Image for P4Mean  Trend
8.PassedPlug 4 Inner HU Mean676.70Image for P4InnerMean  Trend
9.PassedPlug 4 Inner StDev7.83Image for P4InnerStdDev  Trend
10.PassedScan Center Lateral (mm)-0.4Image for CtrX  Image for CtrX  Image for CtrX  Trend
11.PassedScan Center Vertical (mm)-0.8Image for CtrY  Image for CtrY  Trend
12.PassedScan Center Longitudinal (mm)-0.4Image for CtrZ  Image for CtrZ  Trend
13.PassedLateral Scale (%)100.4Image for ScaleX  Trend
14.PassedVertical Scale (%)100.4Image for ScaleY  Trend
15.PassedLongitudinal Scale (% Ratio of Slice Spacing)99.0Image for ScaleZ  Trend
16.PassedWire Width Ratio1.402Image for WireWidthRatio  Trend
17.PassedPitch (°)0.4Image for RotX  Trend
18.PassedYaw (°)-0.1Image for RotY  Trend
19.PassedRoll (°)0.0Image for RotZ  Trend
20.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Lateral (mm)-179.3Image for TgtOffX  Trend
21.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Vertical (mm)149.6Image for TgtOffY  Trend
22.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Longitudinal (mm)50.6Image for TgtOffZ  Trend

*** End of Protocol ***