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Report from iQA Using CT-SIM/Check

Site: Demo Site
Machine: CT SIM
User Data Entry Completed:2021-07-23 12:17:34
Imaged: 2/15/2019 4:31 PM
Overall Status:Failed
1.PassedHU Calibration (Cylinder Mean)75.80Image for CylinderMean  Trend
2.PassedHU Uniformity (Cylinder Standard Deviation)5.26Image for CylinderStdDev  Trend
3.PassedImage OrientationHFSImage for ScanOrient  Image for ScanOrient  Trend
4.PassedPlug 1 HU Mean-689.29Image for P1Mean  Trend
5.PassedPlug 2 HU Mean-506.08Image for P2Mean  Trend
6.PassedPlug 3 HU Mean61.00Image for P3Mean  Trend
7.PassedPlug 4 HU Mean613.05Image for P4Mean  Trend
8.PassedPlug 4 Inner HU Mean613.85Image for P4InnerMean  Trend
9.PassedPlug 4 Inner StDev3.93Image for P4InnerStdDev  Trend
10.PassedScan Center Lateral (mm)0.0Image for CtrX  Image for CtrX  Image for CtrX  Trend
11.PassedScan Center Vertical (mm)184.2Image for CtrY  Image for CtrY  Trend
12.FailedScan Center Longitudinal (mm)0.3Image for CtrZ  Image for CtrZ  Trend
13.PassedLateral Scale (%)100.2Image for ScaleX  Trend
14.PassedVertical Scale (%)100.4Image for ScaleY  Trend
15.FailedLongitudinal Scale (% Ratio of Slice Spacing)104.3Image for ScaleZ  Trend
16.PassedWire Width Ratio - Sensitivity Profile1.543Image for WireWidthRatio  Trend
17.MarginalPitch (°)-0.9Image for RotX  Trend
18.PassedYaw (°)0.0Image for RotY  Trend
19.PassedRoll (°)0.0Image for RotZ  Trend
20.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Lateral (mm)-177.3Image for TgtOffX  Trend
21.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Vertical (mm)149.6Image for TgtOffY  Trend
22.PassedTarget Pt Left Tower, Longitudinal (mm)49.6Image for TgtOffZ  Trend

*** End of Protocol ***