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Import Images

There are 4 ways to import image data into the iQA system:
  • "DICOM Push" - Send images directly from imaging systems to the iQA server, see DICOM Configuration Page for details
  • "Query/Retrieve" - Configure iQA protocols to automatically retrieve images from PACS or compatible OIS
  • Re-import from Archive - Use the controls below to select an archived study and press "Re-Import"
  • Manual - Use the controls below to upload a folder of DICOM files or a zip file (requires compatible HTML5 browser)
Click the link below to view the most recent DICOM Imports

Re-Import from Last 25 Datasets
Archived data sets

Manual Upload
Step 1 - Compress all DICOM files to a .zip file without a parent folder.
Step 2 - Click 'Choose Files' and browse to the .zip file location from Step 1.
Step 3 - Click 'Import Images' and wait until all DICOM files are listed below
Step 4 - Click 'Finish & Process' and then return to the 'QA Status' page